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Our Philosophy

The recipe for a vital life, according to Body Union, is physical activity, healthy diet and knowledge about supplements.

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What makes us different

Every part of our Body works together to create a Union, a perfect mechanism! To achieve this integrity, we need precise supplementation. Work with us and create your own perfection with Body Union vitamins and supplements!

Premium, Well-Researched Ingredients

Independently Owned, Backed By Science

Clean & Ethically Sourced Vegan Ingredients

Bespoke, Powerful And Effective Doses

Unique complex of vitamins, minerals and natural botanical extracts

Third-Party Lab Tested And Certified

Body Union Philosophy

From the very beginning of Body Union, we know what we strive for and what we want to give to others. As active people who love life and continuously looking for new challenges, we have discovered a way to comprehensively replenish the body’s mineral and vitamin deficiencies, from which more is required. At the same time, however, we remember the uniqueness of every human being – that’s why, along with broadening our horizons in the field of supplementation, we have gradually expanded our offer to allow bringing new quality to your life.

Your body – your life.

Each mechanism results from the operation of many elements – the human body is no exception, but what you specifically expect from it and what your body needs are unique. Only by balancing the requirements and the organism’s possibilities can you achieve the desired harmony and use your full potential. You can look for support in these efforts precisely in our philosophy, the fruit of which is Body Union supplements – so diverse, and at the same time all leading to one goal: the best possible results.

Many years of analysis, meticulous research, certificates confirming our decisions’ rightness – all of this because we know how necessary it is to be sure what is introduced into your body. Quality, safety, and transparency motivate us and guarantee that you make the right decision by choosing Body Union. There is no room for chance or rashness in our philosophy. We found out the hard way about the effectiveness of everything that we offer to you.

Premium class supplements from Body Union – how did it all start?

Necessity is the mother of inventions! When access to substances beneficial for the human body on the European market was very limited, and if it was – disappointing in terms of quality – a team of specialists known today under the name Body Union took the matter into their own hands. The result of these efforts is a broad spectrum of high-class dietary supplements. Thanks to which the body and its cognitive functions have a chance to rise to the heights of its abilities.

Body Union specialists spent endless hours studying all available scientific publications on substances that could raise the quality of life to a higher level. As a result, the brand’s ideal formulas are carefully developed combinations of what is best in nature – no place for GMOs.

Therefore, when discovering the individual compositions of Body Union supplements, we are dealing with ingredients such as:

• vitamins,



There are comprehensively combined ingredients in each product bearing the Body Union logo, with a high concentration and in perfect proportions. All this supports the body in life-giving functions, which are negatively influenced everywhere – from stress, through disease, to toxins and pollution. Body Union is, therefore, a concern for the human being as a whole. It is a refusal to let depression, stress or lack of energy take away the joy of life – by providing a ready-made support solution: dietary supplements that derive their power from the perfect source: Mother Nature.

The mission and motivation of the Body Union brand

Since its inception, Body Union has set itself to provide society with a way to strengthen the body comprehensively and educate that it makes sense. Providing the best quality supplements should go hand in hand with a complete understanding of why it is worth living and how to live healthily. It is a light of hope in a world dominated by processed, mass-produced food, which, although harmful to humans, is seemingly attractive – because it is fast and readily available. Body Union makes sure that everything essential and good for the body is at least affordable. Therefore it provides dietary supplements that are the perfect complement to a balanced diet because they are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals – that is everything necessary for the immune system and the body altogether in such difficult times as we are faced with today.

Vitamins are not everything!

Since childhood, we have been taught about the importance of vitamin C, how good it is to spend time in the sun to provide the body with vitamin D, and others. Body Union considers not only the significance of all these vitamins by including them in its supplements, but it does much more – it gives access to less known but equally essential nutrients that can support the body in a much more comprehensive way.

The recipe for a vital life, according to Body Union, is:

•physical activity,

• healthy diet,

• knowledge about supplements.


This is how you can raise your quality of life – reaching for non-standard formulas that Mother Nature has prepared for humans since the dawn of time. The first step is to realize that the human body is not doomed to disease, lack of energy or fatigue. The problem is to reach for the goods of nature from which you can draw strength. Body Union is the key to those doors behind which vitality, health and well-being await – regardless of age or season. We can be in good shape all our lives and at any time!

Body Union – a wide range for those who love life

Body Union is not only a lofty mission and an appreciated philosophy. Here, behind each goal, there is a specific product that allows you to achieve it. Therefore, among Body Union wide range of exclusive dietary supplements, you can find, among others, supplements for people who:

• want to enjoy a healthy life,

• dream of a slim figure,

• count on being in good shape every day,

• intend to face toxins, diseases, pollution,

• want to share their happiness with others.


All this is done with the help of comprehensive and safe formulas signed with the Body Union logo, proving the highest quality composition.

Premium class supplements such as alpha-lipoic acid, n-acetyl-l-cysteine, berberine, resveratrol, tauroursodeoxycholic acid, nicotinamide mononucleotide, nicotinamide riboside and many more.

In addition to these exclusive products, Body Union also offers dietary supplements with a more recognizable composition, such as:

comprehensive support for the immune system
proven aid for the liver
a way to effectively lose weight
supporting the immune, blood, muscle and bone systems
health and vitality in a capsule

Body Union don’t stop as just producing natural and effective products while they are doing it. They also take care of all ingredients are ethically sourced, fully tested and certified, contain no nasty additivities, no heavy metals, and are not Genetically Modified with no antibiotics. All safety approved according to EU regulations and produced to GMP standards. The brand also remembered to remain grateful to nature for its gifts, from which it draws inspiration – all packaging of the offered preparations is made of recycled materials.

Health is the most important.

This is not an empty phrase -it’s the point itself. It is also the foundation of our philosophy based on which we make every decision. This one sentence has guided us from the beginning and never loses its relevance. Only a healthy body can gain new records, overcome its weaknesses, and stand on the podium. Give the body this power – and then you can do anything!

Highest quality

Each product is the result of the work of a specialized group of specialists. They are refined from every angle to meet every, even the most demanding, consumer's needs and expectations. There is no room for compromise regarding health, which is why all available supplements are a guarantee of the highest quality - both in terms of ingredients and the production process itself.

Safe and Certified

Each offered formula is a reliable and proven composition. Carefully selected ingredients come only from proven, ethical sources and the highest quality of products confirmed by certificates. All supplements are compliant and manufactured according to GMP standards.

Environment Friendly

Elegant, eye-catching, aesthetic and eye-pleasing supplement packaging has been made to be fully recyclable. Ecology and care for the environment is an essential part of the company's philosophy.

Fine Range

A diverse range of products designed to enhance vitality and add vital energy. A huge range of proposals is able to meet the expectations even the most demanding customers.