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A Note from the Founder

A Note from the Founder

I founded Body Union in 2020 to develop supplements people could trust and use to achieve wellness goals in a safe and fun way.

Body Union is a family-run business. We create supplements for general well-being, sports performance, energy, immunity, weight control, and more. We do so by paying careful attention to every step of the development process, from ethically sourced ingredients to our high-quality customer service.

Indeed, Body Union doesn’t rely on third-party manufacturers. Instead, we have an in-house European factory, conducting all the research, developing our formulas, and producing our supplements.

One thing we’ve always had at heart is the choice of local vendors and small businesses over big corporations and companies. We believe in collaborations based on actual relationships and always do our best to ensure every detail is monitored.

But now, let me tell you a little bit about my experience. As the CEO of Body Union, I firmly believe today that we need high-quality, reliable supplements to keep our bodies healthy and thriving. But how did I get here?

Since I was a kid, I’ve struggled with allergies and autoimmune diseases like celiac disease, Hashimoto, IBS, and others. Growing up, I never accepted the idea that all my health issues could have no relief, and I just knew there had to be a better way besides the one most doctors pictured for me: just years of therapies, drugs, and passive acceptance.

Luckily, after researching, I started using supplements and experienced a massive improvement in all my health conditions. My body just worked better. And although no supplement can cure health conditions, I started feeling like never before.

Body Union was born to help more and more people restore their natural vitality. We believe the body is amazingly perfect and, when given all the nutrients it needs, it is capable of regenerating itself and thriving.

Not long ago, I even went through cancer. It was a tough time in my life, and now that I left it all in the past, I can confidently say I’m grateful Body Union was part of my healing process. As stated before, supplements don’t have the power to cure anything; however, I took our products during my cancer fight, and they helped me incredibly through the treatment. I have no idea what it would have been without them.

What I experienced gave me extra motivation to keep growing our company daily, reaching more and more people all over Europe and bringing nutrient-rich supplements to the marketplace. After all, we are so proud of our products and their compositions, as we know nothing is left to chance.

Our vision is to expand and help our clients achieve their best mental and physical shape. We love dedicating our time and resources to careful research, sampling and trying out different nutritional blends to find the best formulas for high performance, immunity, strength and overall health.

BU clients range from college students to professional bodybuilders, busy moms who want more energy to take care of their kids, and even elders looking for safe and natural ways to stay healthy and enjoy retirement.

We profoundly care about our company’s impact on social and environmental issues. We want to reduce nutritional gaps and contribute to general knowledge on how vital, balanced nutrition and natural supplements are. We consciously avoid GMOs in all our formulas and do our best to be transparent about what goes into each canister.

We believe your body can work perfectly when you take care of it as a whole. At Body Union, you’ll always find the resources you need to fuel your cells and let them do their job. After all, the goal is to work with your body instead of against it: not wishing or hoping that it somehow will change, but taking control over your health, one choice at a time.

We look forward to helping you on your unique wellness journey.

Founder and CEO Katarzyna Pindel

High Quality

Each product is the result of the work of a specialized group of specialists. They are refined from every angle to meet every, even the most demanding, consumer's needs and expectations. There is no room for compromise regarding health, which is why all available supplements are a guarantee of the highest quality - both in terms of ingredients and the production process itself.

Safe and Certified

Each offered formula is a reliable and proven composition. Carefully selected ingredients come only from proven, ethical sources and the highest quality of products confirmed by certificates. All supplements are compliant and manufactured according to GMP standards.

Environment Friendly

Elegant, eye-catching, aesthetic and eye-pleasing supplement packaging has been made to be fully recyclable. Ecology and care for the environment is an essential part of the company's philosophy.

Fine Range

A diverse range of products designed to enhance vitality and add vital energy. A huge range of proposals is able to meet the expectations even the most demanding customers


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